Grub Grab is currently beginning expansion to Spokane, WA. We will be launching in summer 2015.  The below positions are currently available.
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Delivery Driver:
Drivers are independent contractors. Delivery drivers set their schedules and work when they want to work. We pay a per order delivery fee plus tips and bonus pay. As a driver you will go to restaurants, pick up orders, and deliver in a timely manner. You are expected to have good customer service skills and represent Grub Grab in a professional manner. You will have interactions with customers and restaurant staff. You can work anywhere from 5 hours to 40 hours a week. Days can range from 5 hours to 9 hours in length. You set your desired schedule. In between orders delivery drivers are free to do whatever they'd like - go to the beach, take a nap, run errands, etc. This job is perfect for someone looking to offset pay from a current job, or someone looking to work full time in a laid back environment.

Dispatchers are the backbone of the delivery system. You will work in our climate controlled office at a computer. Your responsibilities include (but are not limited to) answering phones, taking orders, sending orders to restaurants, coordinating delivery drivers, and general customer service. You must be good with people and have an over-all pleasant attitude. To complete this job you must have patience, ability to multi-task (effectively), willingness to learn, and a good understanding of technology. You will utilize websites and Microsoft office products so a knowledge and understanding of those systems is preferred. We use Windows 8 computers. Dispatchers are hourly employees and we provide full training. You may be required to do deliveries from time to time in a company car (rarely and only as needed).

Sales Person: 
We are looking for sales people to help us add great restaurants and maintain their relationships.  As a sales person you will be responsible for contacting restaurants, setting up meetings, pitching our services, and signing restaurants to our service.  As a sales person you will receive  a commission of the sales we generate for that restaurant for a set time.  This is a great way to make money without a full time commitment.  Because this position requires knowledge in sales tactics and techniques we require candidates to have past sales experience. 
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GrubGrab delivers food to the greater Coeur d Alene and Spokane area.  GrubGrab was formerly CDA Food Delivery. Same company, different name.